April 12, 2023

Water, Water Everywhere!

Ever thought about creating a hot tub haven within your own home?

Luxuriating in peaceful solitude under the stars after a long day, having a giggle in the bubbles with your friends and family or communing with nature with your special someone – however you imagine it, a hot tub or an ice bath, can now, more than ever, become a reality in your outdoor space.

Hot tubs are well known for their health benefits and at-home relaxation, but if you’re serious about investing in one, choosing the right type, picking the perfect brand and understanding the associated costs is essential. Research is your best friend – for example, The Which? Hot Tub Buying Guide can help you consider every angle.

For information about installation, design ideas and maintenance, the What Spa? Knowledge Base is also a mine of information!

What Spa? also have a buyer’s guide to help you get your hot tub project moving – ready for the summer.

Ice baths and barrels are becoming increasingly popular as celebrities and athletes continue to rave about the health and fitness benefits of cold water immersion. Whether its the meditative Wim Hoff approach that appeals to you, the return to the natural world or improving your sports performance, the ice bath trend is booming.

220 Triathlon have produced a comprehensive guide to the ‘best home ice baths for athletes‘. The more mainstream publication, Hello Magazine shared their ‘Best Ice Baths 2023’ article in January 2023

Urban Ice Tribe offer advice about where to site your ice bath and how to incorporate it into your garden design – Ice Bath Garden Design Ideas

Garden design

Whether you decide to make a feature of your hot tub or find a secluded corner for your ice bath, choosing the right materials is essential. A composite deck ticks all the boxes: it is water resistant and will not rot and warp in high water areas, designed to aid grip with narrow grooves and gives a modern, crisp and contemporary look. A matching (or contrasting) gives a sharp, finished look to steps, edges and corners.

Another consideration is weight. An existing timber decking structure may not support the weight of a hot tub filled with water and it’s occupants. A solid core composite decking board together with a specially designed sub-structure offers the strength required.

Do you want to create that secluded spa experience? Try using an existing corner or incorporating planting into your design. The Eden composite cladding range from Husqui combines privacy, contemporary spa feel with sustainability and durability.