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Environmental Policy 

Husqui Ltd is a wholesale supplier of interior architectural mouldings, skirting board, composite decking, composite cladding, DIY equipment and accessories sourced from both international and UK manufacturers for retail online to a UK market. 


  1. To minimise the environmental impact of our operations.
  2. To operate within full compliance of Environmental Law.


  1. To identify the areas where our operations result in environmental impact.
  2. To employ environmental practices to identify the most effective and efficient methods of minimising or eliminating environmental impact.
  3. To manage our operations to ensure compliance with best practice.
  4. To ensure that training and support is available to all employees and make them aware of their responsibilities under Environmental Law and how compliance is achieved/maintained.


Husqui Ltd is an environmentally conscious organisation and acknowledges the potential impact our operations have on the environment.

This policy has been endorsed by the Husqui Ltd Board of Directors with unwavering support for its implementation. The Board is ultimately responsible for ensuring that this policy is understood and implemented/maintained at all levels within the Company.

  1. We recognise that our operations have the potential to impact the environment. Husqui Ltd will meet all legal and regulatory requirements and will refer to their guidance to implement environmental good practice.
  1. We are committed to actively reducing our impact on the environment, to prevent pollution and to mitigate our impact on the local community.
  1. We aim to improve our environmental management system and maintain our ISO 14001:2015 certification to the standard.
  1. We will continue to invest in environmental improvements, setting objectives and working towards targets in our Environmental Plan. 
  1. We will continue to implement resource efficiency measures, also considering the long-term sustainability of consumable items,  to effectively use resources, minimise waste and actively follow the reduce, reuse and recycle strategy where possible.
  1. We will support, provide resources for, and train employees of Husqui Ltd  to ensure their co-operation and assistance in the implementation of this policy, and our Environmental Plan. Management will show committed and enthusiastic leadership in promoting the environmental standards expected at Husqui. 
  1. We will make our policy publically available and maintain environmental information on our website:

Policy Date:  1 March 2025
This policy is reviewed annually.