October 9, 2023

Dark Nights & DIY

As the long summer days fade away and become a distant memory, autumn creeps closer. What can we do to create the cosy home of our dreams?

The leaves have started to fall, conker season is here: autumn has arrived. The crispy weather coupled with the evenings getting longer, means it is inevitable that we will start to spend more time indoors. How do we fall in love with our interiors again?

There are many ways we can embrace winter and prepare for indoor living: from adding some interest with a variety textured cushions, introducing colour with a feature wall to installing a new wood burning stove to keep you and your guests feeling toasty.

Our guide to how to get your home ready for the ‘stay-at-home’ season will help you create a space that welcomes you every chilly evening and gives you a warm hug each night.

Where to start? Some jobs need to be left to the professionals but don’t be afraid to try – just choose your project wisely.

House Beautiful have made a list of DIY projects they consider entry level and suitable for beginners. Feeling nervous? check their article – 10 Easy Tasks for Beginners

Giving it a go yourself may help to bring your project within your budget and you’ll get the satisfaction of learning a new skill.

DIY Not Sure?

If you need some help to get started then where better than YouTube for your step by step videos.

This is by far the quickest source of knowledge at our fingertips – unless you have a handy DIY manual in a dusty, dark corner somewhere or an avid DIYer around the corner.

Ageas Insurance has researched the ‘seven of the best DIY youtubers’ – read their blog here

Preparation is key! UK Home Improvement provide a useful check list to ensure you have considered everything you need to before you start.

Take a look at: How To Plan A Successful DIY Project In Your Home

If time and money are concerns, here’s some budget-sensitive ideas that only take a weekend – Better Homes & Gardens’ list of 32 weekend projects

“Color is the least expensive thing to put in a house.”
Ruthie Sommers, designer


Research complete, confidence high – ready to choose the style and look you want for your interior. This is often the hardest part of any project. It can be agonising trying to decide – and agree. Take a look at current ideas and see what speaks to you.

Here is the Homes & Gardens guide to this year’s Autumn trends

Often getting the basics right in a room – clean, crisp skirting, freshly painted woodwork or an updated feature wall can make your home feel like new.

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