Husqui® Matt White Skirting Torus Profile 100mmx14mmx2900mm

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2.9m length torus profile matt white skirting board

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Our high-quality, low-cost Husqui® Torus 100mm white skirting board combines all the benefits of plastic skirting with the stylish profiles of traditional wood skirting. It delivers the semi-circular convex curve that makes Torus a popular choice in both new and old settings.

Husqui® skirting is easy to install and is 100% waterproof. This makes it an ideal product for rooms where a lack of straight walls or damp are a problem.

It is tough, durable and resistant to everyday wear and tear such as scuffs and scratches. Most importantly, it’s dimensionally stable – there’s no warping or bending and so minimal wastage.

We would recommend using a solvent free, grab adhesive like the Bison MontageKit ARC-A001 for optimal attachment.

Husqui® plastic skirting is pre-finished so it doesn’t need sanding or treating, saving you time and money when installing. And the super smooth finish can easily be painted to complement décor colours.

And as for maintenance, all it requires is an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth!

If you are fitting our 100mm Husqui® Torus skirting over an existing floor, why not finish it with one of our trim profiles 19mm Scotia Trim ARC-0019 or 10mm Beading Trim ARC-1005.

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