August 15, 2022


Garden Planters & Patio Pots

Whatever name we choose, containers are one of the most versatile garden accessories in exterior and landscape garden design. And very on trend.

They can be used to create beautiful borders, a scented pathway edge, a natural screen to create softness and definition or an easy upkeep, beginner’s veggie plot.

Easy to look after and mobile – some even have wheels – planters can provide seasonal colour, privacy, and a focal point to any garden space.

upcycled teapot used as a planter - perfect for composite decking

Where to start?

First, find a planter or container that fits your garden and house style whether it is rustic & wooden, contemporary metal or frost resistant clay or glazed pottery. There are garden planters to match all budgets.

Reclaimed finds are perfect for upcycling. Anything from wellie boots to tyres, bath tubs to tea pots can be turned into a container for your decking. Offcuts from your Husqui composite deck are ideal to repurpose into a planter – design plans coming soon!

Next, choose a planting scheme to match your style and garden space.

Evergreens provide a structured, contemporary look whereas lavender or Jasmine offer country cottage, vintage charm. They also give a beautiful scent through the summer months and attract bees and butterflies.

A feathery grass can provide a soft curtain that, with height, can help to create a secluded, calm, seating area. Runner beans on a trellis or cherry tomatoes – a variety like ‘sun gold’ for a delicious flavour -look fabulous planted alongside sunny marigolds to delight the children.

For a comprehensive guide to growing vegetables in pots, visit the RHS website and read the post ‘Vegetables in containers’

Not sure where to start with your planting scheme? Take a look at the ‘Top 10 plants for containers’ from the Gardeners World website.

Where is the best place for position your planters?

Your composite deck is the perfect place to position garden planters and containers.

Traditional wooden decks rot and warp as a result of the weather and suffer damage from the regular watering that pots and containers need. Often, wooden decks will need boards replacing and regular sanding, treating and varnishing. Husqui composite decking will not rot, warp and it does not require any varnishing or sanding.

The problems associated with wooden decking are removed because our composite decking system is waterproof and extremely low-maintenance.

We also recommend preparing the area under your composite deck with weed matting. The weed matting provides a barrier that stops weeds starting to grow under and through your Husqui decking as a result of surplus water.

Find out more about our Husqui desking products here:

Two lengths of teak solid coredecking. One lined and one wood grain
weed control mat close up
Stainless steel clip in position between two lengths of decking